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Pet Supply is focused on Pet products. It features pet products for Dogs, Cats, Birds, Horses and many more.
This site features Amazon US products.
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  • * All site files including logo and images
  • * All the listed products
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Have you ever thought it was impossible to earn money online With the Amazon affiliate program? it is very much possible. Not only is it possible, it totally works on autopilot. With traffic coming into your site, you could literally wake up to commissions in your account.


  • Choose from different niches
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Once my site is set up, what else do I need to do?

Aside from driving traffic to your site, there is nothing else you need to do. As long as your site is live and you keep sending traffic to your site, it will continue to work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

What's a domain name

A domain name is simply your website's address. It's the name your visitors will type into their web browsers and get directed to your site. E.g Facebook, Twitter etc. These are domain names.

Do you guarantee that I will make money with my website?

We have no doubt that you will make money with your site because customers are making money with their sites and as shown in the video above, we are also making money with these sites. As a matter of fact, just letting these sites sit there and getting ranked by google will drive sales over time. We've seen this happen countless times. However, we cannot guarantee that you will have the same result because you'll need to drive traffic to your site and make it visible to people. If you don't do what is required, you might not get the same results or any result at all. If you're not certain please don't place an order as we do not issue refunds. Better still, contact our sales team so we can discuss further with you and address all your concerns.

I'm not sure which domain name to use. Can you help?

Absolutely! All you need to do is contact our support team and we will help you get the right domain name. Furthermore, if you purchase your domain from us, we help you find valuable domain names worth at least $500. You can easily resell it later in the future and still profit from it later on if you decide to stop making money with your website.

I can't find a niche that I'm interested in. Can you build a custom website for me?

We most definitely can. Simply fill out and submit the contact us form and we'll get back to you right away.

How many products are included in the site and can I add more in the future?

All sites have at least 500 products. Some even have up to 2000. Yes. You can add more products in the future. A video is included that shows you how to go about that.

All Sites are using the same theme. Why is that? Can I change the theme and do more customization later on?

Currently, our focus is on making it easy for everyone to have access to these sites. This means that the sites should be very inexpensive (almost free), high quality, customizable, parked with a lot of features and most importantly, have a wide array of niches to choose from. If you need something a bit different in terms of design, we have a design service for that. Please contact us and we will happily give you the design you wish to have.

Do you offer a service that sends me the latest Amazon bestselling products

Of course, we do. Our greatest joy is to see you succeed and start making a lifetime income as an Amazon affiliate. In order for us to do this, we need to support you by finding the weekly/monthly bestselling/trending items so you can promote them to your customers and make even more money. Upon a successful purchase, you are automatically signed up. Even those who have not yet purchased any of the sites are eligible to receive these updates. They simply just need to join our newsletter.

What is an Amazon Affiliate?

An Amazon affiliate is someone who has registered as an Amazon affiliate

Do I need to have an amazon affiliate account to use the site

Yes. It is compulsory that you create an Amazon affiliate account. It is the only way you will be recognized as an Amazon affiliate. You'll also need to register so you can have an account to track your earnings. You can register here

How do I get paid if an item is purchased using my affiliate code

Once sales have been registered on your Amazon account, you will need to login to your Amazon affiliate account and configure your taxes and payment details (bank account info). Please note: There is a payment threshold you'll need to meet before payments can be released. You can also set yours.

Can I purchase more than one Website and is it advisable?

Absolutely! The more the better. However, if you feel promoting more than one website will be a hassle, it's advisable to start with just one website and then, add more over time.

Do you offer ongoing support after my purchase? What if I have a question in the future?

Your purchase grants you lifetime access to our support team. Our team is here to help you through any issue you might have. Please feel free to contact us. Your success is our priority.

I'm not sure which niche to begin with. What do I do?

No worries. Simply contact us and we will guide you.

Why should I choose a ready-made site instead of getting a developer to build something cheaper?

Firstly, you may not get something cheaper. Secondly, you could do that but with our solution, we are not just selling you a website. Anybody can build a website. What we are selling is a faster way for you to start making money with amazon. What this means is that, These sites are not just regular sites with plugins and images, they've been tested by real customers and with every feedback that they've given, we've used that to further optimize the sites to get you as close as possible to making money as an amazon affiliate. What you will be buying is a product that has evolved and fine-tuned over the years to something that can give you a head-start so you can begin making money online faster. A developer can create a site in a few seconds but they can't give you a build that is based on real-life data and customer feedback.

Do these sites come with traffic?

No. Our sites do not come with existing traffic or organic traffic since you'll need to install it on your Web hosting account in order to start using them. However, we do give our customers easy and cheap ways that they can use to start driving thousands of traffic to their sites every day.

Do I get instant Traffic

No you do not get instant traffic after purchasing any of our sites. The quickest way to get instant traffic is to run social media Ads such as Facebook Ads.

Will I start receiving organic traffic?

Organic traffic is the result of consistently writing and producing quality content such as product reviews, product review videos or general knowledge articles. Once you start investing in content, you should start receiving organic traffic. Please note that this might take from 3 to 6 months before you can start seeing results. Please make your own research before placing your order.

Can I switch the site to a dropshiping site and sell the products directly using my own prices?

Absolutely! You can do that but by default, our sites are not built that way. Our sites are built using WordPress. Given how WordPress can be extended and easily customized to fit different purposes, you can easily do that if you have good knowledge of how WordPress works.

Can your sites get me accepted into the Amazon Affiliate Program?

Absolutely! We've tested this thoroughly. If you've been having difficulty getting accepted into the Amazon affiliate program, this is your chance to get in. Our sites comply with Amazon's policies which determines who is accepted and who is not.

How can I begin to draw traffic to my site?

This depends on how fast you want to see results. If you want to see almost instant results, you can use Facebook Ads which are relatively cheap. You can also use non-targeted Ads which will send 1000s of visitors to your site for very cheap. You can also write blog posts about products for SEO.

Can I add a blog section to my site after I've purchased it from you

No need. A blog section has already been created. You just simply need to write the blog posts. We advise our customers to invest in writing articles as this can bring in free organic traffic from Google search.

Is this site custom made according to my specifications

No, these sites are ready-made sites. What this means is that we've already built the sites. When you purchase one, we simply give you a copy of it so you can use that copy to install the exact replica of the site on your web server. If this is not clear enough please contact us before placing your order.

Who are these sites for?

Our ready-made sites are for Amazon Affiliates who want to have a good head start into the world of affiliate marketing. It's for people who do not want to spend time building their own site from scratch. It's for people who are looking for the right tools that will make it easy for them to succeed.

These sites look nice. What happens? Do I use the same URL? Do I customize the site myself?

No, you will not use the same URL. During the signup process, you'll be asked to enter your own domain name or URL. You can also choose to use a custom one if that works for you. If you order the download-only version you'll need to purchase your own domain name and hosting in order to use it. Once you have purchased your own domain name and hosting, you can now set it up on your server. Alternatively, we can set it up for you as well. It's more like copying a file to another device.

What Payment Methods are available?

Currently we accept Credit cards, bank Transfer (selected Countries only) and PayPal. Bitcoin will be available soon.

Do you issue refunds?

At the moment no we do not. Once you purchase any of our sites, you immediately have access to all the files. This includes logos, images, etc. These cannot be recalled back once access has been granted. Please make sure you check out the demo site of any of the niches you're interested in so you can be sure if it's what you really need. The demo sites are exact replicas of what you'd get after your payment. This includes products, images, and logos.

Would I need to manually add my Amazon affiliate ID to every single product?

No. You just need to do it once and all the products will be updated automatically. If you purchase the "Install for me" option. You wouldn't even need to think about this. You can also add IDs for all the available Amazon marketplaces like Amazon India, Amazon UK, etc.

Can I enable or show the prices for the products once I purchase a niche ready-made site?

Most definitely! You can enable the prices. The reason why we disabled the prices by default is so that new Amazon affiliates who do not yet have access to Amazon's product API or have not been accepted into the Amazon program can get accepted. The only acceptable way Amazon wants you to show prices of its products on your site is if you have access to their API which will enable you to keep the prices and product data in sync with what they have on Now, the only way you can get access to the API is to get accepted. We advise new Amazon associates to leave the prices hidden until after they have been accepted into the Amazon's Affiliate program. Please note that you can add more products to your site without having access to the API. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding this.


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